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Training. After building a solid foundation of situational awareness, critical thinking and a proper mindset, performance based training is the next step to becoming an asset. There is no substitute for training with the correct context and repetition of skills to build kinesthetic memory. Hoosier State Training is committed to providing excellence in training solutions for you to pursue your training evolution.

What you can expect from Hoosier State Training

Pressure-Tested Tactics

Time-tested firearm instruction

safe shooting & training environment

high ethical code of conduct

cost-effective training

modern self-defense tactics & techniques

What Type of Training Do You Need?


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HST provides firearm instruction for individuals and groups for self-defense. The training encompasses safe, effective use of a handgun, rifle and shotgun for first-time firearm owners and experienced shooters alike. Training can be provided on-site, at an indoor shooting range or at a designated HST range.
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HST has the knowledge and experience to assist development of a security ministry to respond to incidents at your place of worship such as lost children, medical emergencies and Active Killer threats. HST is also able to train the security ministry volunteers to properly respond to these situations and much more. Please feel free to contact HST to discuss the best way to assist you and your team.
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The core mission of school security is protecting our children. Each school is unique, so security can be a complex issue requiring individual solutions. HST provides best practice solutions to address infrastructure, technology, personnel, training and policy needs to develop a program to secure your school and keep the staff and children safe. Contact HST to discuss your school’s security needs and to create customized solutions.
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HST can partner with your business to provide services such as:

  • Active shooter training
  • Corporate shooting events
  • Employee firearm training
  • Situational awareness training
  • Verbal conflict management (verbal de-escalation)
  • Customized training and services to achieve your business objective
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  • Shout out to Hoosier State Training for an amazing morning. If you’re looking for to notch people and service, get ahold of them. You won’t be disappointed.

    Don • Granger, IN

  • HST is an awesome training resource and one of the best we have personally experienced. If you ever wanted to learn to shoot and seek a professional, safe, encouraging, non-judgmental environment, we highly encourage you to sign up for this course. Owned and run by law enforcement professionals.

    Jeff & Sarah • Elkhart, Indiana

  • We recently had Dan out to train our company associates on Active Shooter Training and he did a fantastic job! We definitely will invite him back for continual training!

    Melissa • Planet Fitness, Merrillville, IN

  • Amazing opportunity to learn new skills and techniques! Dan Burch is a great trainer and great to work with! Highly recommended!!

    Lonnie • Northern Indiana

  • Dan knows his stuff, with credentials to back it up. Training is clear and concise, and he is constantly tailoring advice and training to each participant. Hope to take more classes soon!

    Scott • Tippecanoe, IN

  • Took the Hoosier State Training class this past Saturday “HST: Self-Defense AR Carbine”. It was a great learning experience and highly recommend it! Mr. Dan Burch is a very serious, dynamic, common sense instructor that shows you what works and what doesn’t. Weapon safety was a HUGE point right from the start. The skills presented are tailored for carbine close quarters. I’ve been shooting for years…and he could tell: “John, you’re an old-school rifle shooter.” That said, I had to learn many new skills and techniques, but it all made sense! Learning the different loads and malfunction clearing drills was key leading to live fire drills. It was a great value with lots of individual attention making sure you ‘get it right’. He leaves you with many skills to practice at home…sure hope I can remember them all. At times he said: “Feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose?” Ya, Dan, it sure did…but it was very worthwhile and fun. He even took the time; after a long strenuous day, to answer some of my questions about pistol shooting. Thanks again Dan, it was a great day!

    John • Plymouth, Indiana


Hoosier State Training LLC

2 weeks 6 days ago

HST Vehicle Darkness Gunfighting 10.21.2023
To quote the great philosophers of the 80s, Bill and Ted, "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K."

Hoosier State Training LLC

1 month 3 weeks ago

Welcome to the weekend! Stay safe, stay strapped, and make sure you get out and practice. 😎

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